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International consumers are eager for US products, but they face 2 key barriers:

Local customer experience
Affordable shipping

Global shoppers trust the same great authentic American products but at fair value and secure shipping. Breeze provides access to international markets for top US brands, but manages all the international logistics, currency, language, fraud protection, support and payments. Thus, orders from global consumers can be treated as domestic by the merchant. In addition to providing access to products from the USA, we offer global consumers a localized customer experience. Top categories for Breeze include electronics, apparel, beauty, toys and automotive with an average order value of $500.

Over 40 years of logistics expertise powers Breeze to deliver cost-effective, quick shipping from our US warehouse to the international customer. Shipments are quick but inexpensive and we ensure your domestic deliveries comply with all export and duty requirements.

And as we grow together and prove the value of our offering there are a host of follow-on opportunities to expand the relationship, grow sales, and provide these international customers better and better service and to truly provide everyone outside of the US the same high quality ecommerce experience that we enjoy here in the states.

Breeze is powered by a team of Global Shipping Experts from Stackry with 40 years of logistics excellence and offers unmatched low risk and speed-to-market.

Merchant Appeal

  • Cross-border market access
  • Simplified logistics – all shipments are sent to the domestic Breeze hub in New Hampshire
  • Quick on-ramp to international markets
  • ChannelAdvisor ready
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Test before investing for global expansion
  • Brand safety
  • Fraud protection
  • No competition from house brands
  • Foreign market insight
  • Export compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Local customer support
  • Payment in USD
  • Advertising options
  • Free shipping offers
  • Branded store
  • Limited returns
  • Easy to do business with

Consumer Appeal

  • Top US brands and styles
  • Local customer experience
  • Currency
  • Language
  • Payment type
  • Duties & taxes
  • Support
  • Last mile options
  • Authentic American products
  • Quick consolidated shipping
  • Membership plan
  • Great pricing compared to local merchants